Workforce Training Scholarship Program

The Workforce Scholarship Program was created by Sasol and is also supported by Shell, Lake Charles LNG and various other individual and industry partners. It provides financial support for people pursuing industry careers in Southwest Louisiana. The program is the second step of the Southwest Louisiana Workforce Resource Guide, a six-step process developed by Sasol that helps people choose a career, acquire training, certifications and basic life skills, prepare a resume and ultimately land a job.

Following a pilot scholarship program of 50 students in 2015, scholarships for training in welding, millwrights, process technology operators and more have been awarded to over 120 people in Southwest Louisiana.  This diverse group of students, with an average age of 34, comes from a variety of backgrounds and have a common goal to increase their skills and employment opportunities.  Since the pilot program, the program has an 85% completion rate for students completing a certification in a field that will support their work in area industry. Click here to read our FAQ. 

Eligibility:  Anyone looking to pursue a new career path in industry who is unemployed or under-employed.
Application Deadline: Open year-around
Amount: Varies and can cover tuition, training costs, career counseling, mentoring support and connection to other support services.

Mentoring Program 

Being a volunteer mentor is a great way to support workforce development in SWLA.  Mentors should have a successful work history in any field, not necessarily related to the current course offerings. Current volunteer mentors include a welder, a city streets supervisor, a retired Marine, a speech pathologist, a retired chemistry teacher, an engineer and many other backgrounds. 

Volunteer mentors should be willing to support the students during their training courses by providing life skills support, guidance, encouragement, influence, motivation and advice. 


  • Complete and submit the online mentor application form

  • Attend a one-hour, free of charge, Workforce Scholarship Program Mentor Information Session

  • Be a resident of Southwest Louisiana and not live in the same household as the scholarship applicant