why choose the foundation

We make philanthropy easy, effective and enduring.

With a charitable fund, you can support the same charities you are doing now. But a charitable fund at the foundation has many advantages.

  1. The Donor Advised Fund. This is the most popular of our funds. It fits most people’s philanthropic needs. You can donate, cash, stocks, real estate and other assets to a donor advised fund and make grants to nonprofits from your fund.

  2. Overseen by a Foundation Investment Committee, your donations grow tax-free. They are pooled with our affiliate, the Baton Rouge Area Foundation, to lower costs and provide the greatest return. With long-term improvements in mind, the Investment Committee uses investment houses on Wall Street to balance between equities and bonds for moderate risk.

  3. Easy giving. Fund donors make grants from their accounts by calling or emailing us. We do the rest. They receive only one receipt for tax purposes.

  4. Manage your giving. Donors can time their charitable gifts. They can make one donation to their donor advised fund and get an immediate tax return, then distribute grants from the fund to charities when they believe the timing is right.

  5. Philanthropy is our mission. Banks and large financial companies offer charitable funds to accommodate a financial planning need. Our sole purpose is philanthropy. And that means we dedicate all our employees to making sure your gifts produce the greatest return to communities you care about.

  6. Local knowledge. We keep up with nonprofits and issues, and share that information when our donors want it. We know what succeeds, and what does not.

  7. Community building. Our approach is holistic, so we take on causes that solve fundamental problems while making sure that current needs are met.

  8. Synergy. The Foundation can ask donors with similar interests to pool resources for bigger projects.

  9. Unsurpassed service. You have questions, we’ll be ready to answer them. We issue grants weekly to nonprofits and take care of all paperwork.

  10. Joy. In the end, philanthropy is about making the world better. We’ll help you spread a bit of joy wherever you wish to.