The Community Foundation is now accepting applications for the Workforce Scholarship Program, which provides financial resources and support services for craft and skills training. Recipients also benefit from working with a volunteer mentor to help guide them through the program and set them up for success.

Who can apply? Applications are open for anyone looking to pursue a new career path in industry. Check out our “Faces of Workforce Development” to see how local residents have already benefited from the program’s financial and support services.

Apply now: If you are interested in applying for a training scholarship or would like to become a mentor, please see our application process below as well as a link to apply. 


The Workforce Scholarship Program, created by Sasol and managed by the Community Foundation, provides financial support to individuals who want to pursue careers in support of industry in Southwest Louisiana. The program is the second step of the Southwest Louisiana Workforce Resource Guide, a six-step process that helps individuals choose a career, acquire training, certifications and basic life skills, prepare a resume and ultimately land a job. Depending on individual needs, the scholarships could cover tuition, training costs, career counseling and connection to other support services.

Learn about the Workforce Scholarship process

Since the program began in 2014, scholarships for training in welding, millwrights, process technology operators and more have been awarded.  Students started school in the summer and fall of 2015 and some are already employed with local companies, while many will continue in their training and will be graduating and gaining certifications this year and next.  Read more about the successes of a few of the recipients.

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The Community Foundation is now accepting Workforce Scholarship applications year-round for craft and skills training. If you are interested in applying for a craft training scholarship please complete an application:

Should you receive a scholarship, you will be receiving:

     • Tuition for your selected craft training

     • Support from a designated career counselor

     •  Guidance from a trained mentor

     •  Connection to community resources



Computers are available to use for application submission at the Calcasieu Parish libraries.  For assistance with completing your application, or information on locations and hours of operation, visit the Calcasieu Parish library system website

Mentor selection

A key success factor of the Resource Guide model is the training of mentors to support job seekers along their workforce preparation journey. Candidates enrolled in the Foundation’s scholarship program will navigate the Resource Guide step-by-step model alongside their trained mentor and designated career counselor from start to finish.

Mentors serve as advisors to scholarship recipients throughout their workforce journeys. They should be a resource to the applicant when opportunities or challenges arise.

If an applicant does not have a designated mentor, a trained and qualified mentor may be matched to the applicant.

Click here for Frequently Asked Questions about the Workforce Scholarship program.


Being a volunteer mentor is a great way to support workforce development in SWLA.  
The role of a mentor is to be an advisor or coach.  Mentors should have a successful work history in any field, not necessarily related to the current course offerings. Current volunteer mentors include a welder, a city streets supervisor, a retired Marine, a speech pathologist, a retired chemistry teacher, an engineer and many other backgrounds.  Volunteer mentors should be willing to support the students during their training courses by providing the following:

  • Life skills support 
  • Guidance
  • Encouragement
  • Influence
  • Motivation
  • Advice

A person may volunteer to be matched with a student or apply to mentor a specific student with whom they already have a relationship.  Mentors may be in the same family as the potential student, but we ask that they not live in the same household. 

Requirements: For the purposes of this program, mentors are required to:

  • Complete and submit the online mentor application form
  • Attend a one-hour, free of charge, Workforce Scholarship Program Mentor Information Session
  • Be a resident of Southwest Louisiana and not live in the same household as the scholarship applicant 


If you are interested in becoming a mentor please complete an application:

All mentors must attend a one-hour, free Mentor Information Session to qualify as a trained mentor for this program.  Please email to learn more about upcoming sessions.

Click here for Frequently Asked Questions about the Workforce Scholarship program.


The Community Foundation is actively seeking sustainable funding for this effort.  Please contact Sara Judson at 337.491.6688 or for additional information or to become a sponsor.


Sasol provided initial funding for the program and, due to the success of the effort, has donated funding for additional scholarships.  Lake Charles LNG also provided funding for scholarships through the program.

Click here for Frequently Asked Questions about the Workforce Scholarship program.