The Community Foundation of Southwest Louisiana is dedicated to improving lives across the five parishes we serve. To do so, we work in two ways.

The Foundation is an intermediary for people who open charitable funds with us. We provide them with local knowledge, maneuver the thicket of government rules regulating philanthropic giving, and make grants on their behalf to nonprofits that directly do good for Southwest Louisiana. Since starting up in 2008, the Foundation and our fund donors have granted nearly $12 million dollars to nonprofits.

Also, the Foundation collaborates with partners on projects, such as rebuilding of Millennium Park after it was set afire by an arsonist.

The Foundation is different from traditional charities. Among more than 700 tax-exempt community foundations, we are like an investment bank for doing good. People open charitable accounts with community foundations, receive a tax deduction for their generous gifts to the accounts, then recommend grants that we follow through and issue from those accounts.