Pedestrian/bike path-bridge

At the Community Foundation, we believe there should be more than one way to get between two points. That's one reason we are collaborating with the leaders across our region to advocate for bike and walking paths.  Both means of travel are beneficial to people and a means to build communities.  Walking and riding makes us healthier, too.  A potential plan for a bike and pedestrian trail is being designed by interested residents and transportation experts at IMCAL, our region's transportation planners.  Current ideas include a trail that would link Prien Lake Park, Millennium Park and Riverside Park on the Calcasieu River.  The Foundation will advocate for implementing bike and pedestrian paths that are a mainstay of the City of Lake Charles Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan and the 2040 Calcasieu Parish Transportation Plan.

We have plans, now it's time to implement them.

To see more about bicycle and pedestrian plans for the City of Lake Charles and the State of Louisiana, see these links:


Louisiana statewide bicycle and pedestrian master plan

Millennium Park Restoration Fund

Southwest Louisiana loves Millennium Park. After it was destroyed in a fire, the community rallied to raise money for rebuilding the park. The Community Foundation of Southwest Louisiana did its part, establishing and managing a charitable fund for raising money and placing contributions from our donors. More than twice the size of the original, the $3.5-million New Millennium Park’s playgrounds, water features and picnic areas draw children and their families on sunny days.

The Millennium Park Restoration Fund is a Field of Interest Fund at the Community Foundation of Southwest Louisiana. We established and managed the fund to raise money for the return of Millennium Park. Contributions to the fund are tax-deductible.

Community Support Fund

In a partnership with Sasol, the Foundation has created a pilot scholarship fund that will start by training undereducated and underemployed residents of Westlake and Mossville who want to work in industrial businesses of Southwest Louisiana. The fund will pay for tuition and support services. Sasol’s initial gift of $300,000 is launching the program. The Foundation will administer grants to nonprofits for the services and manage scholarships. 

“At a time when our region is experiencing record economic growth, we hope this scholarship program helps local residents take advantage of the many benefits to come,”
—Sasol Senior Vice President of North America Operations Mike Thomas