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Since our Community Foundation started in 2000 and affiliated with the Baton Rouge Area Foundation in 2008, we have been making a positive impact in Southwest Louisiana.  We helped rebuild Millennium Park after it was destroyed by fire and partnered with supporters to add the 1st Lieutenant Douglas B. Fournet Memorial at Veterans’ Memorial Park in Lake Charles.  We led the effort to have a bike and pedestrian path be included in plans for the future bridge over the Contraband Bayou which is anticipated to be completed within the next five years.   

Our Board is committed to making a positive, permanent impact on Southwest Louisiana.  Almost 100 years ago, the local business community had a vision that continues to have a tremendous impact on our region’s economy – they built the ship channel.  It’s amazing to see the results of their vision today with the $80+ billion in announced projects which are made possible in part by the ship channel. 

What is our “ship channel” today that will positively impact our next 100 years?  By supporting the Community Foundation now, we can work together to make a positive, lasting impact on Southwest Louisiana. 


$10,000 – Visionary Society
$5,000 – Partner in Progress
$2,500 – Community Impactor
$1,000 – Community Leader
$500 – Supporter
$100 – Friend

Visionary Society and Partners in Progress are invited to a “think tank” session annually to align goals for making a positive, permanent impact in Southwest Louisiana.